NanoWet Protect®

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The perfect wipe pack size to cover :

- one auto windscreen (medium size car)


If you need to cover big windscreen buy another one

1 piece NanoWet Protect® 12cm x 7cm


After the solution is applied on the surface it will become self-cleaning, water, insects, ice or mud repellent and get protected for driving at rain or snow fall.


Nanocermics cover the pores of the glass with an invisible layer, and water or dirt no longer adheres to the surface. In motion (over 50 km / h), the drop of water leaves the treated surface.


Windscreen protection is effective for up to 90 days (5000km), with a guaranteed effect for a minimum of one month (3000km) when applied thoroughly. 


The NanoWet Protect® coating its protective effect at heavy rain or snow fall, even if washing the vehicle. Cleaning the glass with ordinary windscreen washers will not affect the durability of the coating. 


Windscreen protection is effective for up to 90 days or 5000km, with a guaranteed effect for a minimum of one month or 3000km, when applied thoroughly.

  • Product Info

    • Surface should be clean, free of any dust, wax, dirt, oil or water.
    • Application area should be ventilated well.
    • Open (rip) the NanoWet Protect Pack.
    • Apply 1 time vetical and one time horizontal until you cover all surface.
    • Wait 5 minutes.
    • Clean and dry with any paper tower
    • Drive safely for 90 days
  • Refund Policy

    NanoWet Protect Refund policy: If you are dissatisfied customers with your purchase please send us a message and we refund or exchange your product for 30 days

  • Shipping Info

    Chose free shipping and you get your NanoWet Protect napkin in maxim 30 days!

  • Advantages using NanoWet

    Protect the Windshiled and Headlight with NanoWet Protect® wipe Pack

    •  After the nano ceramic solution covers the Windshield or Headlight will become self-cleaning against water, mud, insects, ice and dirt.

    •  Night driving will be more accurate and safe

    •  Visibility improves up to 40% in rain or snow condition

    •  You will be safe more than 90 days or 5000 km with a single application 

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